Welcome to my website where you will learn more about my current research and teaching activities. I also created a page talking about who I am. Feel free to browse, download documents and write me about anything you'd like to discuss. 

Brief Bio:

My name is Pierre-Hugues Beauchemin, but many people know me as Hugo. I am an assistant professor at Tufts University in the physics and astronomy department, working in the field of experimental particle physics. More precisely, I am involved in the ATLAS experiment at CERN. 

I did my PhD at Mcgill University under the supervision of Cliff Burgess and Georges Azuelos (from Montreal University). I worked on the phenomenology of supersymmetric large extra dimension theories. I graduated in 2005. 

As a postdoc, I decided to become an experimentator, testing the theoretical predictions I obtained as a graduate student. I joing the CDF group of the University of Toronto, under the supervision of Pierre Savard

I then moved to the LHC in early 2008, joining the ATLAS group of Oxford University. I was supervised by Alan Barr and also worked closely with Tony Weidberg. I joined Tufts in Septembre 2011. 

I am very grateful to all of my mentors who have helped me so much to make my career path, and with who I shared many other great moments. 


12.17.14: Phy042 grades are up on iSIS

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